The kitchen is the heart of a home and kitchen design is the heart of what I do.

As an interior designer who is also an experienced kitchen designer, my passion is combining my deep technical knowledge gained from my studies and years specializing in kitchen design with my keen eye for detail and balance to create kitchens that really do function as the heart of a home.

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This service is a great fit if you are looking for a professionally designed and fully-personalized kitchen. Whether you are  building a new home or remodeling your existing space I will create a design plan for your kitchen from start to finish beginning with the perfect floor plan that best suits your lifestyle. 

We will spend time thinking through the ways that you and your family will use your kitchen and hone in on how to make it feel and function exactly the way you want it to. We will discuss how you cook, entertain and the primary functions of the space. Do you cook gourmet meals or entertain large crowds? How many cooks are in the kitchen? Is your kitchen also the homework hub? Optimizing storage and finding that perfect balance between function and style is what I do best. 

You will be presented  with a full drawing set outlining every detail of the design. This level of service also takes the pressure off of you. I will meticulously procure and order all of the materials needed. Managing the project from start to finish, I will coordinate the design intent and execution with your architect or contractor, and make sure the end result is exactly the space you envisioned. 

Design fees starting at $5,500

*Note: The Green House Interiors does not provide general contractor services

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Are you struggling to find the best layout for your kitchen and want an expert's advice on the perfect floor plan for your space? Are you needing to maximize your kitchen storage but are working with the same amount of square footage and not sure how to do so?  Wondering how you will fit in a wine cooler and that fancy built-in coffee maker you’ve been dreaming about but still have enough cabinetry space? I’d love to help!  

The technical, space planning side of kitchen design is my specialty. For this service  I will provide you with complete, personalized custom kitchen drawings including AutoCAD floor plans and elevations. These drawings can be used for gathering estimates on the project from the cabinet maker and contractor. This service does not include product and finish selections, ordering, or project management but is a great fit if you already have a plan for all the pretty details and just need help from an expert navigating the floor plan and cabinetry drawings. 

Design fees starting  at $2,500

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Kitchen Refresh

If you are looking to keep your existing cabinetry and the layout of your kitchen but update the overall look, this is the perfect fit for you. I will create a design around your existing cabinets to rebuild your space with a new backsplash, countertops, paint colors, hardware, plumbing and lighting fixtures, accessories and decor. It may be the same space, but one would never know after the transformation takes place! 

Design fees starting at $1,500

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Millwork Design Services

Do you have a project and need cabinetry or millwork design help but not for your kitchen? Check out my Millwork Design Services. I can help you create a design plan for those functional spaces such as walk-in pantries, home bars, bathroom storage solutions, laundry rooms, home offices and much more.

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How long does it take to complete the kitchen design process?

The kitchen design process (what happens before the work begins) usually ranges between 6-12 weeks and anywhere from 25-50+ hours of work on the designer’s end. This depends on the level of service selected (refresh or full-scale), complexity of the design, the level of detail, your ability to make decisions, and the availability to schedule meetings. It is best not to rush the design process but the initial design phase of a project can be completed in as little as four weeks. On the other end of the spectrum, more complex projects can stretch over many months.

How much does a new kitchen cost (remodeling or new-build)?

The cost of a new kitchen depends on many variables. There are a few areas that must be defined prior to determining an accurate figure for the overall cost. First is the labor which will include the demolition and removal of the existing kitchen (if it is a remodeling project), preparing the space for the new design including all construction, electrical, plumbing, flooring, and cabinetry installation. 

The second is the price of the materials selected, which is also variable depending on the price point of the materials. Are they budget-friendly, mid-range, or high-end? The cabinetry cost is determined by volume, construction method, door style, wood species, finish, interior accessories, molding details, etc. 

The third factor is the design fees if you are working with a designer, which I recommend for obvious reasons! The design fee also depends on the size of your space, the designer's involvement, and the level of detail your project requires. Without a fully executed design concept no professional trade, such as a contractor, cabinet builder, or home builder can accurately budget the cost of your project.

How long does it take to get the cabinets?

Depending on if you are purchasing fully-custom or semi-custom cabinets, once the design is complete and the order is processed, I usually allow between 6-10 weeks for the cabinetry delivery.

What if I do not know what my personal design style is?

That’s where I come in! I have created a style guide and kitchen design questionnaire to help us pinpoint the style that best suits your needs. Relaxed, formal, modern, I got you covered! With an extensive background in kitchen design including working with clients and firms catering from very traditional aesthetics to European-modern styles, I am able to help you find that perfect fit. Even if that means marrying two styles together, which actually happens very often!